I attended the CS147 Final Presentations today at Stanford and was blown away by what some of the students were able to do in one quarter. Each of the final projects explored one of the following three design briefs:

  • CHANGE: Use the power of mobile technology to create an application or service that facilitates personal or social behavior change.
  • TIME: Redesign the way we experience or interact with time.
  • GLANCE: Instead of information overload, how might mobile technology show us just a few essential bits at a glance?

Students designed mobile websites or applications (mostly on iOS or Android) and most build the apps as well. I’m a huge fan of these types of applied classes that let students identify a problem and develop a solution as a single project. The Stanford Design School and Stanford Technology Ventures Program are doing an amazing job leading the charge for many of these classes and programs. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the new d.school building or STVP office, I highly recommend it. They’re both new and a testament to what design inspired construction can achieve in creating an environment to foster innovation and creativity.