The Curse of Perpetual Nowness …

In our constant quest for the hottest, newest, trendiest, sexiest, we suffer from a collective cultural amnesia about what happened five minutes ago.

via Om Malik

I’ve been thinking about this topic for some time now. Much of the promise of technology is to make us faster, more efficient, more productive so we have time to do the things we don’t have time for but in reality, I’ve found that I end up using the time I’m gaining to do more of what I was already doing. Often times, it can be things that seem productive (reading news, checking email) but in reality it’s filling time and preventing me from fully digesting the experiences, meetings and conversations I have throughout the day. I’ve found it really useful to contemplate my day and be introspective about what well, what didn’t go well. This requires time though and reading the news or checking email on my smartphone has served to fill these time gaps over the past few years. My phone broke recently and it’s been refreshing to have more time for free thought. I hope I don’t forget this lesson once I get my new smartphone.